Digital Client Onboarding


With streamlined V-KYC, C-KYC, and IA-KYC processes, you can swiftly onboard clients while ensuring compliance. The ability to manage multiple UCCs for distinct assets and implement family tagging simplifies portfolio management, offering a comprehensive solution.





Diverse UCCs for Varied Assets

Organized Family Tagging

Multiple Portfolios for Singular Clients

Model Portfolio


You can now efficiently create, tag, and rebalance model portfolios. This feature not only saves valuable time but also optimizes asset allocation. Monitor performance, manage subscriptions, and ensure ideal asset allocation, all within one user-friendly platform.

Create, Bulk Tag, and Rebalance

Easy Asset Allocation Assets

Performance Tracking

Organized Family Tagging

Advisor 360° Dashboard


Investment Advisors gain a competitive edge with the Advisor 360° Dashboard. This feature offers client-wise MIS, AUM insights, revenue analysis, sales tracking, and goal-specific reports. It empowers you to make data-driven decisions, strengthen client relationships, and drive business growth.

Client, AUM, Revenue, Sales Insights

Goal-Oriented Reports

Client 360° Dashboard


The Client 360° Dashboard caters to your clients’ needs. It provides a holistic view of their invested wealth, portfolio performance, holdings summary, and capital gains/loss. Investment Advisors can offer personalized insights, fostering trust and satisfaction among clients.

Wealth Analysis

Goal and Portfolio Summaries

Holdings and Capital Gains Overview 

Valuable Insights and Activity Logs

Effective CRM


Strengthen client relationships using the CRM feature. Manage prospects effectively, schedule interactions, track tasks, and record essential activities. This tool empowers you to personalize your approach, ensuring a seamless client experience.

Prospect Management

Interaction Records

Task Management 

Comprehensive Activity Tracking

Brokerage & Commission


Maintain control over receivables, payables, and reconciliation with ease. Additionally, efficiently manage employee incentives and referrals. This feature ensures financial accuracy and transparency.

Receivables Management 

Payables Oversight

Precise Reconciliation

Analytics & Trends

Goal Planning


Assist clients in setting and achieving financial goals. Mapping and remapping investments, tracking progress, and generating goal-based reports enhances your value .

Goal Master Setup

Mapping of investments

Goal tracking 

Goal-based reporting

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