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We are the Missing Link!

At Vijya Fintech, we simplify the complexity of the investment world with our unified wealth management solutions. From digital client onboarding to efficient trade management and being India's only B2B2C investment marketplace, we're dedicated to making investing straightforward and accessible.

Our Products

Effortless Wealth Management Starts Here

Introducing MADOSX, your all-in-one Multi-Asset Distribution Operating System. MADOSX empowers you to manage client relationships (CRM), gain AUM insights, create goal plans, craft model portfolios and more – all within a single, intuitive platform.

Unlocking Investment Opportunities

MIDASX revolutionizes the investment landscape by creating India's first-of-its-kind B2B2C Marketplace. It simplifies the entire investment process for all the parties involved, i.e. Investors, Distributors, Advisors & Stockbrokers

MAGNIX- AI Behind Personalized Investing

Unleash the power of AI-driven insights with MAGNIX, our revolutionary Multi-Asset Generative Network for Investment Excellence. By analyzing vast amounts of data, it empowers mutual fund distributors to gain a deeper understanding of their client's investment behaviour, enabling more informed recommendations and strategic actions.

MOATS – Unique Capabilities


Digital: MF, Stock Broking, PMS, AIF, Insurance, P2P, Fixed Income, Loan against securities, International Equites, Financial Planning


Multi Asset B2B2C Marketplace 


Family, Client & Advisor Dashboards with Analytics


Modular & Open APIs


Comprehensive Fee, Commission & Compliance Management.


Model Portfolio linked with prop OMS including rebalancing, tracking & deviation report, rationale, suitability, and logs


Built With Financial Intermediaries In Mind

Mutual Funds Distributors

Helps MFDs run their practice efficiently and compliantly, keeping pace with larger firms. MADOSX offers the tools needed to scale business and provide top-notch service.

Registered Investment Advisors 

MADOSX offers the country’s only comprehensive, multi-asset advisory platform. It provides features for digital execution & reporting, automated fee administration, and compliance management, simplifying your workflow.

Wealth Management

Amplify investor experience with MADOSX's innovative digital onboarding, execution, and reporting across the hierarchy types within any large organization.

Stock Brokers

 Integrate MADOSX seamlessly with your existing front and back-office systems. This allows brokers & partners to offer a unified platform for investors, streamlining operations and improving client experience.

Research Analyst

MADOSX offers an open SaaS marketplace for a Research Analyst to curate multiple advisory strategies across various asset classes, where a RA’s can recommend strategies, set and collect fees, and generate comprehensive portfolio reports.


Streamline workflows across all departments, from relationship managers and customers to back-office operations. MADOSX integrates seamlessly with core banking systems, exchanges, mobile apps, and web platforms.

Guarding Your Wealth, One Byte at a Time.


We prioritize your data security and never share your personal information with outside parties for marketing or advertising purposes.

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We encrypt your data for security when you send it to our website, protecting your personal details from interception.

Integrated Partners

Dear friends and future partners,

At Vijya FIntech, we're passionate about empowering every Indian with the tools and technology to achieve financial freedom. We believe technology can revolutionize the investment landscape, creating a level playing field for all. We invite you to join us in this transformative journey. Book a demo with us to learn more.

Rajesh Soni
Co-Founder & Chairman at Vijya Fintech Pvt. Ltd.


Absolutely! MADOSX goes beyond traditional Mutual Funds (MFs) to provide comprehensive support for a wide range of asset classes. This includes equities, fixed income, PMS, AIFs, insurance, P2P lending, loans against securities, international equities, and financial planning tools.

No. MADOSX empowers you to operate under your own ARN/RIA code. It streamlines your investment workflow and provides advanced tools and functionalities to enhance your client service and investment management practice.

MADOSX is designed for ease of use, requiring no prior experience in investment management software. Our intuitive platform allows you to get started quickly.

We will also assign a dedicated Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) who will personally guide you through each MADOSX module, ensuring you have a thorough understanding of its capabilities. They will also be your ongoing point of contact for any questions you may have, fostering a seamless user experience.

Additionally, we offer a comprehensive library of training videos that delve into the full range of MADOSX features and functionalities.

Our pricing structure offers flexibility through three tiered plans: Base, Pro, and Pro+. Each plan is designed to meet the specific needs and budgets of different profiles.

For a more personalized recommendation on the best plan for your requirements, we encourage you to contact our team. We will provide you a detailed breakdown of each plan's features and functionalities, ensuring you select the most suitable option for yourself.